car and motor cycle trips

Also by car or motorbike you can have a wonderful holiday experience in our area. There are several tourist routes, such as the Edelsteinstrasse (a short 30 km and a 48 km long version).

This tour leads you along a large number of sights around Idar-Oberstein, the gemstone metropolis of Germany.


But discover the Hunsrück yourself with its many narrow roads, winding through the exiting landscape, is of course a great alternative. In the villages and towns the restaurants and

cafes invite you to a stop to enjoy a nice lunch or a cup of coffee with

delicious pastries. Or visit a museum or one of the many Celtic or Roman excavation, lots of options to chose from.


For motor cyclists there is a special map with some wonderful and exiting routes. This map is available in  our holiday home and can be used. If you want to buy a map, don’t hesitate to ask us, we have several pieces. Of course you can also drive these routes by car.