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The surroundings:

Hunsrück  Touristik, region information:
Verbandsgemeinde Birkenfeld, the community Leisel belongs to:
Idar-Oberstein, gemcenter of Germany with lots of activities:
Trier, the oldest city of Germany, only 45 kms from Leisel:
Herrstein, small town with historical centre:
Kirchberg-Laufersweiler, old village with a unic Jewish history, embedded in the first part of the Dreamloop/Traumschleife Kappleifelsen-Tour:
Naheland, the Nahe Valley, south of the Hunsrück:

Feline Holidays Holiday home rental: Feline Holidays

What to do:

Deutsche Edelsteinstrasse, (German Gemstone Route), circular route around Idar-Oberstein and along historical sites in the Hunsrück and Nahe region that are characterized by working with gemstones:
Erbeskopf, highest mountain of the Hunsrück: information centre and activity centre:
Wildpark Wildenburg, Kempfeld, wolves and wild cat study centre, 42 ha wildpark with ca. 300 native animals:
Nature park Saar-Hunsrück, on this website you will find  a large variety of different  activities and points of interest in the surroundings:
National park Hunsrück Hochwald, information about the park, guided walks with rangers and the history of this area:
Merzig wolves park Werner Freund
, founded in 1977, opened every day. There are living four different sorts of wolves in this park:
Hermeskeil Airplane exibition Peter Junior:more than 100 types of airplanes:
Mörsdorf Geierlay, Germany’s longest suspension bridge is 360 meters long, from the visitors centre Geierlay there is a 3 kms and a 6 kms circular walk to and over the bridge:
Otzenhausen, Celtic museum and ring wall, a major site of both Celtic and Roman settlements: